Handcrafted of the softest natural substance on the planet and intended with passion , Leomax Cashmere only allows you to feel Boye-Holzer has found the cashmere tag LEOMAX COLLECTION in 2013. Cashmere is superior, its not meant to be. You should be lasted by a good Cashmere for decades, so don't allow your buying decision is guided by cost. Real pashmina shawls that are 100% range in quality of wool, place and size, than another does not imply it's not 100% just because one is cheaper, negotiate and you are going to only have to search. I paid 1200NPR for two of them, they certainly were 90% Wool (Pashmina) and 10% silk with beautiful embroidery.

The next one was 1000NPR, again 90PERCENT Wool (Pashmina) and 10% silk with attractive embroidery, I thought that it actually seemed better than the first two but apparently the wool, again Pashmina was not as fine and therefore the cheaper cost. Bei meiner eigenen Kollektion aus dem Herstellungsland Nepal ich zusätzlich der Farben that is Zertifikate vorliegen.

The pashmina creating approach involves persistence much energy and awareness of aspect aspect, and it's also just because quality and of the encounter of our builders that Schalmauer is manufactured possible. Hanging the scarves could cause bending of the material, for drying we put each one of these Pashmina Shawls smooth on a clothes holder. In touch, Ulrike got throughout a family visit to Nepal in 2012 with the Nepal wrap absolute most great substance in the world: Cashmere of best quality. But most Cashmere products she found were too colorful, with embroidery, overpriced and sometimes of textiles that are mixed or poor quality. The KATHMANDU Added Cashmere Red Scarf has vivid green color .